Comprehensive Vessel Care: Expert Maintenance, Repair, and Conversion Services 

At Gibdock, we provide maintenance, repair, and conversion services to a wide range of vessel types – from LNG carriers and container ships to ferries and tugs. Thanks to the adaptability and professionalism of our team, every project we work on, whether involving routine maintenance, intricate repairs, or a complex overhaul receives the same level of attention and quality of service. As a Gibdock client, you can count on our versatility and expertise to keep your fleet operating at peak performance.


Our commitment to excellence shines through in our maintenance and repair of offshore vessels, ensuring they operate at peak performance in challenging marine environments with precision. 


Gibdock's history as a former H.M. Dockyard, active from 1895 to 1984, highlights our enduring commitment to naval excellence. Strategically located at the gateway to the Mediterranean, we offer unique advantages for maritime defence operations. Our advanced infrastructure and skilled workforce are well-equipped to meet the sector's demands.


Gibdock welcomes LNG carriers, boasting vast experience in their maintenance and repair, ensuring their optimal functionality and safety in the demanding realm of liquefied natural gas transport. 


Here at Gibdock we have been servicing ferries since 1985, ensuring the reliability and continuous operation of these hard-working vessels. Our commitment is to keep these ferries at sea, diligently servicing the needs of the people they transport.


Gibdock's expertise in handling complex projects ensures minimal downtime and maximised operational efficiency for FPSOs, making it a preferred choice for industry players seeking reliable and efficient service solutions.


Gibdock offers a full range of expertise to fully service super yachts, including: topsides and underwater coating; shaft, rudder and propeller works; propulsion systems maintenance works; and main engine overhaul to name a few. We also have an extensive network of specialised sub-contractors available to undertake interior refurbishment, electrical, and communications systems work.


As a trusted provider of high-quality rig solutions, both regionally and internationally. Our capabilities include the repair, refurbishment, and upgrading of all rig types; complex conversions of semi submersible rigs; life extensions for various vessels; modification and outfitting of rigs and platforms.


Gibdock demonstrates proficiency and commitment to timely service in repairing and maintaining RORO/cargo ships. Our dedicated team efficiently handles the unique demands of these vessels, delivering comprehensive and reliable services with precision and swift turnaround.


Gibdock stands as a maritime powerhouse, specialising in the comprehensive servicing of container ships. From meticulous hull repairs and maintenance to precision painting, our expert team ensures that every vessel receives top-tier care, safeguarding structural integrity.

General Cargo

Gibdock is here to offer comprehensive support to general cargo vessels, addressing any challenges they may face. From cargo handling equipment, including cranes and conveyors, seamless technology integration, and ensuring the overall integrity of the vessel for efficient and secure operations at sea.

Cruise Ships

Gibdock excels in cruise ship maintenance and repair, providing services from routine inspections to major overhauls and refits. Conveniently located, it offers advanced dry docks and a skilled workforce, ensuring high-quality, efficient work that minimises downtime and keeps vessels in prime condition, ready to welcome guests.

Bulk Carriers

Gibdock specialises in addressing hull corrosion, mechanical and engine concerns, cargo hold integrity, safety equipment compliance, ballast tank maintenance, environmental regulations, and navigational system reliability. Through meticulous inspections, preventive measures, and swift resolution of issues, Gibdock ensures that bulk carriers receive comprehensive and efficient maintenance and repairs.


Our skilled technicians ensure tanker vessels are maintained to the highest standards addressing hull, deck, and cargo tank maintenance, as well as engine and equipment repairs whilst adhering to strict safety and environmental regulations. 


At Gibdock, we take care of tugboats, with regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and swift resolution of minor issues to prevent them from escalating into major problems. Our dedicated focus on engine, hull, and equipment upkeep ensures that tugboats are consistently in prime condition and ready for any maritime challenge.

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