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Handling a diverse range of projects requires the right combination of people with the right expertise. Whether craft workers or project managers, Gibdock specialists possess the experience, skill, and professionalism to deliver services that go above and beyond your expectations.

Recognising that our strength lies in people, we run an internal training programme to ensure team members can perform to the highest standards while enhancing their career prospects. This also ensures that you, as a Gibdock client, can expect a thoroughly professional and friendly experience at every step of the project - from planning and execution to timely completion.


Gibdock’s experienced pipework specialists offer services in pipe fabrication and installation as well as repairs and modifications to existing pipe systems, including newly built lines, as per your approved schematic drawings. These services apply to all types of pipe whether in ferrous materials or non-ferrous materials such as glass-reinforced epoxy.

Tail-end & Propulsion

Our highly experienced fitters offer services related to the overhaul of vessel propulsion systems including fixed and variable-pitch propellers, fixed and retractable thrusters, controllable-pitch propellers, and water jets. They also provide services in tail-shaft and rudder withdrawal as well as shaft and rudder-line alignment.


Our fully equipped workshop offers a variety of machining services including lathing, milling, and boring. With access to a full range of precision measuring tools, our highly qualified machining experts can also carry out these processes in situ, bringing the same professional and efficient service to your premises.


Our team of highly trained electricians delivers repair and overhaul services for electrical installations of all kinds – including automation systems, electric motors, switchboards, and navigational equipment.


We offer repair and conversion services for all of a vessel’s internal and external steel structures including the bulbous bow and the skeg. Our coded welders are qualified to work with all naval-grade materials from grade ‘A’ steels to high-tensile steels.

Mechanical & Main Engine

Our experienced engineers provide overhaul services for main and auxiliary engines, two- and four-stroke engines, and related machinery including valves, condensers, pumps, compressors, receivers, and boilers.

Blasting & Painting

Our specially trained team provide a range of services related to blasting and painting, including wet, grit, and ultra-high-pressure blasting as well as the application of tank coatings and conventional and specialised paint schemes.


We possess the in-house capabilities to erect complex scaffolding to assist in the repair of both internal and external vessel structures.


Our experienced team offer high-quality scrubber, ballast water treatment system, and liquefied natural gas retrofitting services.

Environmental & Sustainable Work

Focusing on sustainability, reaffirming our commitment to the environment and a greener maritime industry. Our initiatives include the use of electric vehicles, onshore power solutions, and the application of the first antifouling maritime coating with highly durable graphene integration.

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The Yard

Gibraltar is conveniently located at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and Atlantic shipping lanes.
Minimal deviation for ships in these waters, a year round dry climate ideally suited for outdoor ship-work, and fast transport links all make Gibdock the perfect location for shipyard services.

The Gibraltar Port together with it's experienced network of maritime agents offer a full range of bunkering, husbandry marine services and excellent crew exchange facilities.

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