A Legacy of Excellence

Gibdock's rich history as a former H.M. Dockyard, active from 1895 to 1984, underscores our longstanding commitment to naval excellence. Throughout this period, the dockyard was extensively used by the Royal Navy, docking many of the Navy's most prestigious ships. This legacy continues today, as we proudly service and maintain global maritime operations, enhancing current defence capabilities.

Strategic Advantages of Gibdock

Our location at the gateway to the Mediterranean, with direct access to major global shipping lanes, provides a unique advantage for maritime defence operations. Gibdock’s advanced infrastructure, capabilities, and highly-skilled workforce are perfectly positioned to meet the stringent demands of the defence sector.

Comprehensive Defence Services

At Gibdock, we offer a wide range of defence services, combining commercial expertise, agile delivery methods, and a collaborative approach:

  • In-Service Support (ISS): Comprehensive maintenance and support for warships and auxiliaries
  • Ship Repair, Refit, and Conversion: Keeping your fleet operational and modernised with expert care.
  • Block Build: Constructing quality steel fabriciation projects for warships, auxiliaries, and submarines.
  • Reactivation and Conversion: Expertly bringing warships and auxiliaries back into service on time and within budget.

Agile and Cost-Effective Solutions

Gibdock’s agile, commercial approach ensures significant financial savings for our defence customers. Our projects are consistently completed on time and within budget, delivering exceptional value without compromising on quality.

Partner with Gibdock 

Experience the benefits of partnering with a global leader in maritime defence. Trust Gibdock to support your fleet with superior service, innovative solutions, and a steadfast commitment to excellence. Leveraging our prime location, historic legacy, and expert capabilities.

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