To handle a diverse range of projects professionally you need the right people and the right team. From craftsmen to project managers, our experienced specialists at Gibdock bring all the necessary skills to the yard while being bonded by a common goal – performance, efficiency and client confidence. In the knowledge that our strength rests in our people we run an internal skills training programme that ensures the team is able to deliver to the highest standards while giving individuals the chance for advancement within the organisation. From initial project planning through to its execution and on-time completion, our aim at Gibdock is to deliver a thoroughly professional and friendly experience.


Fabrication and installations as well as repairs and modifications to existing pipe systems including new built lines as per client’s schematic approved drawings on all types of pipes being in ferrous or non-ferrous materials including GRE.


Highly experience team of fitters dedicated to the overhauling of vessels propulsion systems i.e. tail shaft / rudder withdrawals, propellers (fixed / variable pitch), thrusters (fixed / retractable), CPP systems, water jets and alignment of shafts and rudder lines.


Fully equipped in-house workshop, catering for all types of machining works being lathe, milling, boring, in-situ machining works including full range of precision measuring tools.


Electrical installations of all types including automation systems, repairs and overhauling of electrical motors, electrical switchboards and navigational equipment.


Repairs and conversion works in way of all ships internal and external structures including bulbous bow / skeg steel repairs. Capabilities to work on and weld (Coded Welders) all naval grade materials from grade ‘A’ to high tensile steels.


Overhauling of main / auxiliary and two / four stroke engines, overhauling of all types of valves, condensers, pumps, compressors, receivers, boilers, etc.…


Undertaking approved paint manufactures wet grit blasting, UHP techniques, tank coatings works, application of all types of paint schemes from conventional to specialised applications.


In-house capabilities for erecting complex scaffoldings to suit areas of repairs in way of ships internal and external structures.


Comprehensive experience in Scrubber, Ballast Water Treatment systems and LNG retrofits.

Gibdock Process

Gibdock prides itself on the meticulous planning prior to the vessels arrival, to ensure the delivery of a quality product which is successfully completed on time, every time. Our Commercial department work closely with the client at the quotation stage to ensure that all pre-planned works have been accounted for and the client knows exactly what they are getting. Once the contract has been secured, the Commercial and Production teams closely review the project, usually involving a preliminary multi-departmental meeting, including the QHSE department, bridging document and plans, where the work scope is discussed in detail to ensure all labour, supplies, sub-contractors and risks have been identified and planned for to avoid any unnecessary and avoidable issues.

During the project itself, daily production meetings occur twice a day so as to ensure the smooth operation of concurring projects within the yard. Each vessel has their own appointed Ship Repair Manager who manages the entire project and interfaces between Gibdock and the client providing a personalised client experience.

Upon completion of the project, the Ship Repair Manager and the client will agree on the final invoice for all the works completed based on the initial agreed quotation together with any agreed variation orders which have arisen during the duration of the project.

Finally, Gibdock will typically then have an End of Contract Review Meeting, a multi-departmental meeting where we examine customer feedback and evaluate the evolution of the project and more importantly, identify any areas which could have been improved, so as to develop, streamline and further enhance our service to future clients and driving our continual improvement programme within Gibdock via the QHSE department.

Sustainable Procurement

Gibdock has built and developed strong relationships with our specialised subcontractors over many years.  This has ensured that a competitive environment exists for our subcontractors to enhance their service regarding efficiency and effectiveness, as well as providing Gibdock with a proven track record of delivering a quality service on time.

Gibdock promotes IMO Resolution A. 962 (23) which ensures all our materials are in compliance regarding green passport registered vessels under the International Maritime Organisation Regulation 5 for the Safe and Environmental Sound Recycling of Ship, 2009 (SR/CONF/45).

We have also reviewed the full lifecycle of many items to ensure the materials received are of the correct standard and are disposed of appropriately, to ensure the minimum impact to the environmental.  Gibdock has robust procedures and systems in place to be able to provide and ensure quality of materials and traceability.